Sports – Environmental Activities

 Take short or long walks among the green olive groves or on the surrounding hills and contemplate the wildflowers variety. Be fascinated by the view you will discover at every spot in different times of the day during your walk.

Mountain Biking
Biking on Corfu, especially along  the northern coast, is an experience not to be missed. With such a variety in local terrain, from low- lying valleys, to Corfu's highest mountain peak (906m), a cycling adventure across this beautiful island is the perfect holiday activity.
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Water Sports
 On the beaches of St Spyridon and Kassiopi you can practice water skiing, parasailing and other sports. Acharavi has a diving centre for you to discover the stunning seabed area. For more information  , visit

Environmental Walk to Antinioti Lagoon (NATURA 2000)
Walk around the lagoon through footpaths and discover the lake’s biodiversity. The area is full of red reeds, aquatic plants, wildflowers (about 16 species of wild orchids have been identified) and, during the spring, the neighbouring beaches of Almyros and St Spyridon are filled with water lilies. There are many fish in the lake (mullets, eels, sea basses, gilt-head breams, crabs) which is also a migratory bird stopover: almost 180 different species have been identified, among them many duck species, herons, cormorants, swans, hawks etc. The lake’s most interesting and rare animal is the European otter (Lutra lutra).

 Cultural Events and Other Activities
The cultural events are mainly associated with local celebrations:

July 20 is St Elijah’s Day and the churches dedicated the Holy Prophet Elijah are celebrating in Peritheia or Ai-Lias villages. In the afternoon, a traditional feast follows in the churchyard.
On the last Sunday of July
, a litany with the procession of a Holy Mother of God’s icon takes place in Peritheia, to commemorate her life-saving intervention during the 1863 epidemic. In the evening follows a traditional feast at Loutses.

 On August 6 takes place the fair of Pantokratoras, the island’s biggest fair.
 On August 11, the island commemorates the miraculous salvation of Corfu by St Spyridon in 1716. Along the streets of Corfu Town is carried a procession of St Spyridon with the whole island’s marching bands.
On the night of August the 10th, the spectacular barcarole takes place in the Bay of Garitsa, at Corfu Town: a reconstruction, on the sea, of the Saint’s miracle.
 August 15 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary . In Kassiopi we can find the Panagia Kassopitra Church (dedicated to Virgin Mary). The church is built on the foundations of a roman temple of Zeus Cassius, and has been a place of religious worship of many forms for two thousand years. The early Christian church was destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa and was then rebuilt in 1580. Daily Tours (guided daily tours offered by the region’s tourist offices) to Diapontia islands (Othonoi, Mathraki, Ereikoussa) Boats to Othonoi, Mathraki and Ereikoussa leave from Sidari. Sidari is located 15 km from Fourni. to Paxi There are daily Flying Dolphin or Speedboat services to Paxi from Corfu Town. Normal 0 false false false EL X-NONE X-NONE