Surrounding Area

Castelli Olive Press is the 1st house of Fourni
8 m. away is Castelli Cottage
Castelli Cottage is the 2nd house of Fourni
Episkepsi is the village in the depth of the picture : 20 min walk
the yard of Olive Press
cool site under the pergola with the grapes
the comfortable outdoor seating
grapes ... our production !
long yard in front of the house
... for eating
... for relaxing
... for enjoying the place
...for a sense of coolness
... for a minimal luxury
 inside the pool, enjoying the view
...for sunbathing
clear , odorless , safe water
from above
Roda village and Othoni island
for hiking lovers
the relics of a bygone age
the breathtaking view
Castelli : the rock
linear buildings layout of Fourni